About the Conference

Having been 4 years since the launch of the Agricultural Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy (ASTGS), there is a need for the sector actors to review the status and impact of the current investment plan on the sector. This shall enable identification of the gaps and propose approaches to further invest in the sector.

This shall also ensure that the funding is aligned with the new administration’s priorities to ensure proper and sufficient funding of the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) agricultural agenda. Hence the need for a forum to have a discourse on this. Rootooba, the Government of Kenya and key partners in the agriculture sector are rolling out the 1st Financing Sustainable Agricultural Transformation Conference, a two-day event planned for February 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Conference will bring together actors in the agricultural sector to engage on financing the sector and also on the appropriate models for funding agricultural activities. The landscape conversations will bring out challenges that will inform subsequent discussions with financing solution providers and beneficiaries. The discussions will include designing financing solutions to ensure relevance to the wide range of beneficiaries, and de-risking approaches for injecting capital such as blended financing.

The conversations will also seek ways to support beneficiaries, including the small holder farmers, to remain responsive and prepared to onboard financing solutions. The outcomes are also expected to be a validated resource for government and private sector to enable design and planning for resourcing initiatives in the agricultural sector.

Conference objectives

The conference seeks to:

  1. Take stock of the country’s ongoing financing options for the agricultural sector, including bottlenecks
  2. Where necessary, re-purpose financing approaches to suite the ecosystem and needs
  3. Propose ways of accurately determining the level of agricultural financing to inform effective policies
  4. Align and propose agricultural financing for public and private sector including prepare the agricultural sector for business with financing solution providers. 5. Provide a one-stop shop where small, medium, and large agricultural enterprises can interact with financing solution providers.

Conference outcomes

  • A checklist of agricultural financing options in Kenya and their constraints
  • Proposals about improved financing approaches
  • Proposals on improved policy environment to grow agricultural sector financing
  • Alignment between the sector needs and public and private sector financing solutions