Mrs. Hedwig Siewertsen

Head Inclusive Finance
AGRA (Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa)

Hedwig Siewertsen is responsible for designing and implementing AGRA’s Inclusive Finance strategy. AGRA invests in innovations that reduce the cost and risk of agricultural finance. Through blended finance, value chain finance, and digital products, AGRA ensures financial systems benefit agricultural SMEs and smallholder farmers across 11 African countries. Previously, Hedwig served 4 years as CEO of a USD 100 million single family office impact fund, DOB equity, which invests in SMEs in the East Africa.

She also served as a Deputy Director and senior consultant for 12 years in Triodos Facet (now Palladium), Triodos Facet (now Palladium), aiding MSMEs in emerging markets where she worked across 25 African countries designing, monitoring, supporting and evaluating enterprise support programs with a focus on financial services delivery. She started her career as an associate expert for the UN in Madagascar and Tanzania. She holds a B.Sc. in Tropical Agriculture and a Masters’ degree in Econometrics.