Maurice Ouma

Project Coordinator

Maurice Onyango Ouma is a professional in the field of livestock development and management, with over 30 years of experience. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Range Management from the University of Nairobi, Maurice has continually pursued opportunities for growth and learning. Throughout his career, he has undergone comprehensive training both domestically and internationally, acquiring expertise in various areas crucial to livestock sector advancement.
His professional journey includes notable roles such as Deputy Director of Livestock Production at the Ministry of Livestock Development, where he spearheaded initiatives ranging from range planning and ecology coordination to livestock enterprise development. Additionally, Maurice has served as a Project Market Access and Trade Officer for the Regional Pastoral Livelihood Resilience Project, focusing on enhancing market access for agro-pastoralists and pastoralists while ensuring compliance with social and environmental safeguards.
Currently, Maurice serves as the Project Coordinator for DRIVE, a regional initiative aimed at enhancing pastoralists’ access to financial services and promoting their inclusion in value chains in the Horn of Africa. This World Bank-supported project, domiciled in the State Department for Livestock Development, reflects Maurice’s commitment to addressing critical challenges facing pastoral communities.
His contributions extend beyond his professional roles, as Maurice is a member of organizations such as the Animal Production Society of Kenya and the International Society of Extension Education. Through his involvement in key committees and trade negotiations, Maurice actively advocates for policies and strategies that facilitate smooth livestock trade and market access.