Maarten Susan

Title: Team Leader

Maarten Susan is a senior banking professional with extensive experience in commercial banking across Asia Pacific, North and South America, and Europe. He began his career with ABN AMRO Bank in the 1980s before moving to Rabobank in 2008 as CEO of Banco Terra in Mozambique. He later led SME programs for First Merchant Bank in Malawi and Bank of Africa in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. From 2013 to 2017, he managed the Finance4 Agriculture (F4A) programs in Kenya and Uganda.
As a founding shareholder of FACTS Africa, Maarten specializes in providing short-term working capital to SMEs, particularly in the food and agriculture sectors. He also launched the IGNITE MY SME initiative to support small businesses. In 2019, he founded Moving Frontiers (MF), an advisory firm focused on agri-finance, banking, and SME development. MF has undertaken research and training assignments for organizations such as IFAD, Small Foundation, FIM, and ACELI Africa.
Currently, through NIRAS, MF is working on the KIEP 250+ innovation grant program for MITI (Ministry of Industry) and the World Bank in Kenya, aimed at enhancing productivity, value addition, and technology adoption for 250 fast-growing companies. In 2024, Maarten plans to launch as a new platform aimed at training financial institutions in agricultural finance.
Maarten Susan holds degrees from Nijenrode Business University in the Netherlands and the London School of Economics.