Kiringai Kamau

CECM for Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries
Murang’a County

Kiringai Kamau serves as the County Government Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries in Murang’a County, while also leading as the Global Lead for GODAN. As the founder of GODAN’s Programme for Capacity Development in Africa (P4CDA), he established the GODAN South-South Secretariat at the University of Nairobi. With a background in Agricultural Economics and lecturing, Kiringai spearheads initiatives like the Earth Observation Data Cube and the Data Think-Tank Initiative (DTTI) for Kenya’s Agricultural Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy.

He advocates for data-driven approaches aligned with UN SDG 2 and leads the GODAN Champions Collaborative to develop a Global Food System Observatory Platform. Through P4CDA, he offers scholarships promoting AI and ML learning. Kiringai’s integrated curriculum emphasizes health, experiential education, agro-ecology, and nutrition for data sourcing. His efforts aim to empower farmers and foster sustainable agricultural practices, embracing digital technologies for transformative impact, and mentoring the youth to practice and become agribusiness owners.