Dr. Paul Thangata

Head of Data and Analytics

Dr. Paul Thangata is the Head of Data and Analytics at AGRA leading both internal and external data and analytics support. Internal support focusses on collaboration and aiding AGRA Directorates in data analytics to provide insights for evidence generation across Business Lines. Externally, AGRA’s supports governments and other stakeholders in the drive for data-informed decision-making and data driven recommendations.
Paul is an agricultural and resource economist with over 25 years of relevant policy analysis, data and analytics, agriculture R&D and capacity development experience, of which 18 years at senior level focusing on: Project/ICR Evaluations and Designing M&E Frameworks; Program Management; Resource Mobilization and Proposal Development; Economic and Financial Analysis of Projects; Developing Agricultural Strategies; Operational Planning and Program Budgeting (including use of Costab); Private Sector and Agribusiness Support; Policy R&D, Capacity Development and Workshop Facilitation; Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, GHG EX-ACT modeling and Resilience R&D.
Paul has background in plant breeding (Rice, Groundnuts, Maize, Sorghum and Pearl millet); Agronomy (Groundnuts, Maize, Pigeon pea, Cassava). Additional strengths include Transformational Leadership abilities and strong capacity to work with others in teams, (with junior staff as well as senior leadership and policymakers); Experience working with bilateral and multilateral donor-financed projects.