Carol Matiko

Principal & Research Director
Gmaurich Insights

Carol Matiko is a highly skilled, creative qualitative researcher with over 20 years of experience. Her strong sense of respondent empathy, commitment to methodological rigour, expertise in thematic qualitative analysis, including segmentation, ability to synthesise findings into actionable insights and strong skills in communicating findings effectively have earned her several recognitions. In 2019, she was awarded by Africa Market Research Association (AMRA) and ESOMAR for her exploratory paper on the role of episodic storytelling in research designs. She has extensive experience in co-create assignments utilizing Human-Centred Design techniques. Carol is proficient in various qualitative approaches, including ethnography, emersions, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussions.

She has held senior-level management roles in regional market research agencies, where she established social research departments. She currently runs a boutique qualitative agency and consults for several development partners, including FSD and 71point4. She has worked extensively in sub-Saharan Africa and holds an MA in development studies.