Ali Hussein Kassim

Association of Fintechs in Kenya (AFIK )

Ali Hussein is a seasoned entrepreneur deeply involved in the African tech scene, offering insights on policy and regulation. He consults on Digital Transformation while managing his Fintech startup and hosting the #AliTalksTech podcast and vodcast. Engaged in various boards, he serves as a Non- Executive Board Member at Old Mutual Investment Group and as Chairman of the Association of Fintechs in Kenya.

He also holds positions like Executive Board Member at Africa Fintech Network and Chairman of Kenya ICT Action Network. Ali’s involvement extends to national initiatives, including serving on the National Technical Committee of Kenya National Innovation Agency. He advises global fintech platforms like Mifos Initiative and holds leadership roles in Longhorn Publishers and has previously served as an Oversight Board Member and Chair of the Projects and Resource Mobilization Committee of the Kenya Tourism Promotion Fund. His contributions span diverse sectors, driving innovation and development in Africa.