Hon Musalia Mudavadi, E.G.H

Prime Cabinet Secretary and Cabinet Secretary for Foreign & Diaspora Affairs.

H.E. the Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi serves as the Prime Cabinet Secretary, and the Cabinet Secretary of Foreign & Diaspora Affairs. His role involves assisting the President and the Deputy President in the co-ordination and supervision of Government Ministries and State Departments. He chairs, and co-ordinates, the National Government legislative agenda across all Ministries and State Departments in consultation with and for transmission to the Party/Coalition Leaders in Parliament. In his administrative coordination role, he Chair the Principal Secretaries Committees and supervise the technical monitoring and evaluation of Government policies, programs and projects as he also performs such other functions as may be assigned by the President.

In his past life he has served as Vice-President (2002), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government of the Republic of Kenya (2008 – 2013), Minister for Supplies and Marketing (1989 – 1993), Finance (1993 – 1997), Agriculture (1997 – 1999), Transport, Communications and Information (2000 – 2002).
The Prime CS was instrumental in reviving the economy post 1992 General Elections following high inflation as Minister for Finance and has recorded significant milestones in the various ministries he has served.

The FINAS is conference is delighted to have a past Minister for Agriculture, and Finance, to launch the annual event that will explore how agriculture finances, and supports the Bottomup Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) by linking foreign markets to farmer organizations in the Country.